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Robert Bergman "Spirit Boxer"


Tai Chi

Chi Gung



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The main emphasis of "Spirit Boxing" is to go beyond the mechanics, techniques and physical aspects of training, transcending "form" and function and cultivate one's "spirit".  To look within and gather one's true essence and inner strength, directing the will, thereby activating the power of the mind and harnessing the "Chi". This is the "Tao" of "Spirit Boxing". Planting the "seeds" of enlightenment, gathering the "flowers" of vitality" and harvesting the "fruit" of discipline and spiritual dedication, this is the "Path" and the destiny of the Spirit Boxer.

Even in the very beginning, on the first day of practice, fundamental training emphasizes the "vital" energy, instilling the need for conscious effort to direct the "intention" to control one's actions and "energize" all movements. Yet, this is only one of the "3 Essentials" and needs to be united with proper structure [correct posture and footwork], relaxed deep breathing and meditation, and of course, the self discipline of daily practice, in order to reap the "true" benefits of "Spirit Boxing" and gain the so called "mystical" abilities that are the skills of the spiritual boxing tradition !