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Portsmouth Square 1965-1985

Bing Gong's Biography

During the late 1990's, I began going to teach-in's sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization, and my eyes were opened to what was taking place globally, reawakening my political and social consciousness and "connecting the dots" - the WTO, "free" trade,  and the corporate take over of global resources and destruction of the planet, and the exploitation of developing countries of the South.  In 1999, seeing on the internet the mobilization by the IFG to protest the WTO, I was drawn to go to Seattle and witnessed this watershed event. And since then I have gone and participated in the anti-globalization protests at the WTO ministerials in Cancun (2003), the FTAA in Miami (2003), and Hong Kong in (2005).  At these events, the IFG and other NGO's have teach-in's and workshops that have been so educational for me.  

The law firm where I have worked has also provided me with my current wife and soulmate, Eleanore Despina.  Eleanore was a partner in the law firm, and during the years I worked there, she was married and we had a professional relationship.  But she split up from her husband in 1995, and one day she invited me to come up for a hike in Point Reyes Station where she lived, and one thing led to another.  And we found that we were "ripe" for each other and became a couple, getting married six years ago.  I had been chasing after girlfriends all over the world, but finally found the one I love literally right down the hallway from me.  It is and has been a wonderful, harmonious collaboration and relationship where we complement each other and encourage each other's growth.  We have a very rich and interesting life - in our work in the community, our mutual interest in our family and grandchildren, politjical activism and as aspiring Buddhists, a large garden and we are now raising chickens.  And I teach two ten-week chigung sessions in Pt. Reyes, one in the fall and one in the spring.

In 1994, I was introduced to Myogen Steve Stucky, (now co-abbott at SF Zen Center, Tassajara, and Green Gulch), who had a small Zen meditation group called the Dharma Eye Zen Center in the Susuki Roshi lineage, and I began sitting with him.  In 1999, both Eleanore and had a Jukai ceremony, taking the precepts and sewed our rakasus.

Coming back from Seattle in 1999, several of us who were in Seattle began a globalization study group here in Pt. Reyes. which after 9/11 morphed into the West Marin Alliance, which began mobilizing people to go to protest marches and putting on educational events on important issues for our West Marin community.  Last September, Eleanore and I went to a 3-day teach-in in Washington DC, Confronting the Global Triple Crisis: "Climate Change, Peak Oil, Global Resource Depletion & Extinction"  Returning home, I brought back audio CD's of the teach-in and wanted get this important material out to folks, so I went on our local community radio station and did a six-week series of programs.  And that has evolved into a regular bi-monthly radio show called West Marin Matters - Post Carbon, in which we bring focus to how we, in West Marin, are transitioning to an era that is no longer dependent on fossil fuels; relocalizing and increasing our community resilience, in the face of climate change, the end of cheap oil, the depletion of our natural resources and the unprecedented extinction of species.

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