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Portsmouth Square 1965-1985

Donald Rubbo's Biography

I remember Sifu coming out into the park with the rope dart wound around his upper body. As I watched, he put his hand on his chest, and with a slight flick of his finger, the rope came unwinding from his body, and the dart came flying out like a missile, with unerring precision it stopped a fraction of an inch before a pigeon; the pigeon, stunned, took flight as Sifu reeled the dart back in.  
I also remember that Sifu was very fond of his women students, hugging and kissing them when he could. One extremely rainy morning, Sifu was encouraging us to go downstairs into the parking garage to practice. He got in the elevator and gestured for me to join him to go down. Cheryl Lynne was doing Tan tui in front of the elevators, and Sifu gestured to her to get in. As a respectful gesture to Cheryl Lynne I got out of the elevator as she was getting in, and turned around to see Sifu try to kiss her. She leaped out of that elevator so fast, and the shocked look on Sifu’s face as the elevator doors closed is one that will stay with me forever.
Early one morning while I was standing next to a tree in Portsmouth Square Park after a rigorous practice of Shao Lin, Kuo walked up to me and reached out and adjusted my hand positions, bringing my left hand slightly forward and the right fingers pointing to my left palm. As Kuo adjusted my body into the correct posture I felt this sudden surge of energy rush through my body, it seemed that heaven and earth merged in that very moment, complete oneness. In that  moment I experienced something almost beyond words, I felt the universe completely aligned, everything was in perfect harmony and I could see the truth in all things. I felt connected, on a deep and profound level, to the universal order of things. Then Kuo released my hands and walked away chuckling, and that expansive, all-pervading wisdom then disappeared! I returned back to my normal, suddenly narrowed, perception. 
Having felt this connection and beauty, even for so brief a moment, I knew that I could find it again, and this set me on the quest for what I call the Holy Grail of Qigong: the seemingly elusive state of being that is the total integration of inward reality with outward reality, where all of the senses are in a heightened state and the windows of perception are cleansed, not by psychotropic substances, but by resting in the natural state of the mind.    
The other styles that I studied since then: Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Iron Shirt Qigong (Angela Wu). Yin Style Bagua Eight Storing Chi and Developing Sensitivity Exercises, Needleless Medicine, Luo Han Patting (Xie Peiqi), Primordial Qigong, Lotus Qigong, Wisdom Patting (Twist & Pat Spinal Qigong) (Master Zhu Hui,). Baguazhang, Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong Tui Na, Spinal Qigong, Marriage of Heaven and Earth, Dragon Tiger, Bend the Bow Shoot the Arrow (Bruce Kumar Frantzis). Healing Hands Qigong, Medical Qigong (Master Yang Yuan Jing).
Cheryl Lynne and I met at Kuo’s class in 1976; we became close friends and we married in 1992. Bing gave me permission to teach in 1980, and I ran his class in Santa Cruz for awhile. I founded Rubbo Art of Energy, and have been teaching ever since. When Cheryl Lynne and I got together, she joined me in teaching. Now we teach internationally, and we recently published our first book, “Extraordinary Breath, Making the Power of Deep Breathing Work for You.”
Rubbo Art of Energy is the creative process of cultivating, controlling and expressing one’s energy for the attainment of the profound, and within that, all of the arts can find true expression.

Using the forms and internals of Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong we teach how one’s intention and awareness of the interaction of self and nature can allow us to live authentic, limitless and fulfilling lives.

Through the process of becoming mindfully aware of how and why our assumptions have come to constrain the way we perceive, understand, and feel about our world we can change these structures of habitual expectation to allow a more inclusive, discriminating, and integrating perspective and develop the wisdom to make choices or otherwise act upon these new understandings. Cheryl Lynne and I believe that in order for our students and clients to change their meaning structures (beliefs, attitudes, and emotional reactions) they must engage in critical reflection on their experiences, which in turn leads to a transformation of perspective.

My life’s journey began, really, at Portsmouth Square, with Kuo Lien Ying and my gungfu brothers and sisters.

Our websites are: www.CultivateChi.com, www.BreatheStrong.org, and www.ExtraodinaryBreath.com

Youtube video: Rubbo Art of Engergy Blast

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