Portsmouth Square 1965 - 1985
A site honoring the teachings of

Kuo Lien Ying

and the magical time that we were able to learn from Si Fu

"Release the chi,
and let it penetrate like a sword
into the bones."











September 12, 2008

Although I have taken the task of being the web master for the site, I need to give special thanks to all those who have been helping out with the project without whose help this would not have been possible.
It has given us all a chance to reunite, share memories and stories and bond again.

Bing Gong for his support in starting the project
Robert “Indian” Bergman for his daily support, inspiration, love, input and photos
Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo for their constant support, input and photos
Roger Leo for his efforts in helping me remember what I have forgotten!
Don Porter for his inspiration and support
Richard Vogel for his article and input
Walt and kandy McAllister for their photos and contributions
Gordon Guttmann for sharing his long lost website pages
Kimo Le Pree for his support and finding other members
and to manys others that have recently emailed me with support and love,
This site is dedicated to all of you!

Here's a list of old students we have been able to find so far:

Sarah Yardley, Carl Mack, Ife, Karen Cooper, Steven Post, Don Boone, Marilyn Cooper, Tani Rodriguez, Ellen Serber