Portsmouth Square 1965 - 1985
A site honoring the teachings of

Kuo Lien Ying

and the magical time that we were able to learn from Si Fu

"Release the chi,
and let it penetrate like a sword
into the bones."










Bing Gong at Portsmouth Square circa 1976
This is an 8mm film clip of Bing Gong going through his various sets in Portsmouth square, Chinatown, San Francisco around 1976.

That was Bing's favorite spot over at the south end of the square. Bing would usually arrive early at 5 AM, and then stretch, do a set of Tai Chi, then do universal post for about an hour, stretch again, then go through all his sets. This would take over two hours each day, and he rarely missed a day. We all knew that he was Si Fu Kuo's top student and always looked up to him as our oldest Kung Fu brother. When Bing started his own classes, he became a Si Fu in the truest sense of the word. All the old student to this day consider his the true inheritor of Kuo's lineage.

film take by Randy Fung, 1976 copyright

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