Portsmouth Square 1965 - 1985
A site honoring the teachings of

Kuo Lien Ying

and the magical time that we were able to learn from Si Fu

"Release the chi,
and let it penetrate like a sword
into the bones."











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This is a rare photo of the inside of the studio, taken on the night of the 80th banquet dinner. Chung Mei is at the front desk. The front desk was to the left as you walked in through the front door. To the left you can see the window with all the photos in it, and there was a scroll and calendar behind the desk. When I first found the studio in 1967, they had a stack of Sifu Kuos books on that desk, and he signed one of them for me.
The photo to the upper left is looking from Portsmouth Square west to the Studio front.

The photo to the upper right is the book Sifu signed for me with his stamp. There was a stack on the front desk and anyone could walk in and buy one.

The photo to the left is some of the newspapers articles they had in the Studio Front window. This one showed Sifu and Chung Mei with sword and spear.

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