A site honoring the teachings of Kuo Lien Ying and the magical time that we were able to learn from Si Fu

Portsmouth Square 1965-1985

Robert Bergman-Bio and Martial Arts history (2)

Man, for me that was a Kung Fu fantasy come true,

He was amazing with birds[ of course] and he could make a call and they would just swoop down and sit on his arm.

During that same time , I studied herbal medicine application and did a lot of meditation , attending  meditation and “sitting” practice at a monastery in Taipei.

I am a Chan Buddhist and a student of the late venerable Abbot master Hsuan Hua and  also cultivate  the principles of Taoism

I also did a lot of demos in Taiwan when people found out I was Kuo sifus student.  He was well known there and I received many blessings just from being his student.

After that came back to the US to continue with Kuo sifu and Gene Chen for a few years .

I soon moved back to NY to see my family and started studying with Master  Leung Hong Lei [  Henry Leung] the lineage holder for the Buddha Hand Wing Chun system and he was a caliber of teacher that I had never seen before in the Wing Chun system. He `was soft….really soft …and flexible. He could look you in the eyes , right in front of you and next thing you knew he would be kicking you in your kidneys, still standing in front of you, with a smile on his face. He emphasized softness, sticking and his stances were different than other Wing Chun systems I had seen. His knowledge of pressure points was superior and he would touch you  with a small tap and your eye would start twitching.

And we used to do ridiculous horse sitting… while rotating mayonnaise jars full of water, for wrist strength and increased range of motion. Oh my god…….after the first two days we went to a Chinese restaurant , and he laughed his head off cause I could not hold a pair of chopsticks. My wrists and hands were so swollen and sore they kept falling to the ground….

He loved it

Later on, I came back to SF and continued my training incorporating all the teachings of these incredible men….

I have been teaching N. Shao-Lin, Guang Ping Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Jan Juang and sitting meditation, as well

I also go into schools and jails and talk about the “path of spiritual boxing and recovery”…., offering youth methods of physical discipline and an alternative for  behavioral and emotional self healing from the experiences in my journey and through  my masters’ teachings

My focus now is on the health, cultivation of “Spirit” and the developing of  one’s chi.

My main influence was and still is master Kuo Lien Ying and his indomitable Spirit and vitality….

Its all about daily practice, consistency , flexibility and the basics…

And passing down the knowledge…. and joy !


Sifu used to tell me…

“100 hundred days…the seeds

1000 days …..the roots….

10,000 days ….the flowers”