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Modern Tai Chi Chuan is an endeavor to rediscover a science that was already perfected long ago.  Learning this art is the rediscovery of what the ancient Chinese originators had fully thought out in order to create a martial art that has its basis in the intellect.  The ancient founders of the Tai Chi system were deep and profound in the art they assimilated.  This was the assimilation of science and philosophy combined to form the complete physical system of this great boxing art.

When reading these chronicles it must be realized that the vocabulary is very old and has been sustained into the modern age.  Each word used in the classical texts has an exact meaning as pertains to the skill of Tai Chi Chuan.  The writings are not mystical but rather a mystery to be solved.  In other words, solving the intended meanings of the classics to gain the full understanding of the use of the human body in the framework of martial arts.  Remember, Tai Chi Chuan was created as a martial art that has tangible health benefits, not the other way around. 

According to the Tai Chi Boxing Chronicle, mastery of this skill comes from understanding all facets of this complex system and using the exact ideas in physical reality.  To learn this art correctly, one must be a doer and a thinker like the complementary relationship of the Yin and Yang.  To be a martial artist and a scholar makes the individual whole.  What has happened over so many years is that the vocabulary of the boxing art was parroted from generation to generation but only individual effort can release the mystery.  The parroting of the terms has had a positive side because the original vocabulary has been sustained but because the concepts involved are deep and complex not everyone has the desire to make the effort at complete understanding.  The Tai Chi Boxing Chronicle says that one must forge this knowledge, break it open.  This implies a long-term endeavor.  Tai Chi is not an exercise; it is a branch of knowledge and a way of life.  Just because an individual is performing slow and graceful movements does not at all mean they are practicing Tai Chi Chuan.  The Tai Chi Boxing Chronicle says; There are so many schools, how can we know who canpass on the true teaching?  The answer is also given in the book.  The answer is knowledge!

 This text contains important texts that have never been translated into English before.  A huge effort was made to locate those texts referred to in The T'ai Chi Boxing Chronicle as important material for learning the art.  It was only luck that I met Mr. Yu Ching Yuan from Tainjin, China.  He spent countless hours searching in bookstores, libraries, and other places to locate the texts and research materials that helped make this text possible.    The T'ai Chi Boxing Chronicle was sent to Mr. Yu two pages at a time by email and discussed within a circle of Mr. Yus colleagues.  Every detail of this great work has been painstakingly thought out in the hope it will benefit many Tai Chi practitioners around the world.

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